Telkom Analytics Masterclass

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There has been much hype about big data analytics – a collection of technologies, including the Hadoop distributed file system, NoSQL databases, and machine learning tools. Every Telkom operator is seeking new ways to increase operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness by leveraging big data technologies. Key activities of the telecommunication sector are strongly related to data transfer, exchange, and import. The amounts of data passing through various communication channels are getting larger every minute. Therefore, old techniques and methods are no longer relevant. The telecommunication sphere had to adopt modern technologies and techniques to stay relevant and not to lose positions under severe circumstances of the global market. Telecom companies operate with vast communication networks and infrastructures with the intense data flow. Processing and analyzing this data with the help of data science algorithms, methodologies and tools find practical application. 

Therefore, our training attempts to specify several of these use cases and to demonstrate real benefits one can get. The training will start by seeking to answer the question of how does big data analytics differ from prior arts such as data warehousing and statistical methods, in terms of the capabilities of uncovering insights from large volume of datasets. What are the compelling use cases in telecom, and what are the challenges? 

This Masterclass provides a retrospect on how telecom operators have been striving, before the era of big data, to analyze large volumes of data in order to support their business and operation. We will then examine the driving forces of big data analytics in the telecom domain and the benefits it offers. Finally we will provide and train you, using your own datasets on sample use cases of big data analytics and the associated challenges, with the hope to inspire new application ideas that can eventually benefit the practice of the telecommunication industry.

Describing the challenges and ecosystem of a Communication Service Provider (CSP) can only be done using superlatives: with their millions of customers and devices, terabytes of transactions and information, thousands of applications, and hundreds of partners. As these trends develop, managing information becomes an opportunity to optimize business activities. Beyond understanding, handling and storing data, CSPs need solutions that can extract insights from the multitude of sources available, and power smarter decisions. Ultimately the goal is to be able to make you develop a telecom analytics solution that align, correlate, and analyze multiple events and interface data sources to create subscriber centric insights, and reveal business improvements opportunities beyond data silos. 

Many new types, from new sources, can be brought to bear on any problem. In industries where most incumbents have become used to relying on a certain type of standardized data to make decisions, bringing in fresh types of data sets to supplement those already in use can change the basis of competition. New entrants such as Telko companies, with privileged access to these types of “orthogonal” data sets can pose a uniquely powerful challenge to incumbents. This Masterclass will showcase how to innovate new products form the range of Data you hold. 


Big data analytics need professional data scientists who can understand the technology of data analytics and marry it with the business objectives of telecom operator. While there is a shortage of skilled analytics professionals the available ones can be unaffordable to hire data scientists. There is therefore a bigger need to reskill and upskill Telko professionals towards data driven decisioning. 

Telco Engineers, Financial Planners, Data Scientists, Network Engineers, Customer Service, Exco team, Human Resource Planners

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