Finance Analytics Masterclass

  • Course Duration2 Days
  • Course StartEnrollment Monthly


Many finance departments struggle to effectively bring together information from disparate enterprise systems. This results in inefficient, manual planning, budgeting, and reporting tools, as well as lengthy and often error-prone financial consolidation. External stakeholders including investors, customers, and governments, have high expectations for financial disclosures, and noncompliance can result in severe penalties. In today’s complex business environment, finance professionals need powerful enterprise analytics and mobility solutions to help streamline financial reporting, budgeting, and planning processes and ensure the accuracy of their data. 

This 2 day Finance Analytics Masterclass is designed to equip Finance professionals to make data-driven decisions to successfully transform their organizations into Intelligent Enterprise, bringing efficiency and accuracy with data analytics and new technologies.

This Masterclass will enable you as a Finance profession to;

  1. Drive Strategic Decision Making: be able to help organizations bring together financial and operational data from various siloed sources, providing a unified view of information that enables you as a finance professional and your entire business partners to make better strategic decisions.
  2. Timely Reporting. Using PowerBI to create dashboards that enable your finance department to quickly arm business managers with accurate, timely financial reporting so they can make more data-driven decisions and run a more profitable business.
  3. Manage Risks. You will be equipped with tools that will enable your organizations to proactively uncover suspicious trends and helps them navigate the risks associated with operations, finances, fraud, and regulations with a greater degree of confidence and efficiency.
  4. Enable Financial Planning and Analysis You will be provided with Analytics tools that enables FP&A teams to leverage real-time internal and orthogonal data to improve financial performance, increase profitability, and capitalize on growth opportunities.

Module 1
Decision-making under uncertainty
Module 2
Data visualization and descriptive statistics using PowerBI
Module 3
Quantifying risk through probability, statistical inference and Hypothetical thinking ( Fraud detection using Benford’s Law)
Module 4
Leveraging Othrogonal Data sets including social media data to build financial models.
Module 5
Time series forecasting techniques (Price Engineering, Budget forecasting use case) 
Module 6
Delivering insights through storytelling


A Finance Business Problem to solve 




Dataset from work : Internal Data P& L, TB, Budget templates etc 

We will provide external data Demographic data, Economic indicators etc 

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